Mathematica Basic Principles II, includes pattern matching (free)

for whom?

Exising users who participated with the Mathematica — Basic Principles I course.

about the course

Mathematica is very large and powerful program that enables the user to do many complicated computations in a very simple way. This course helps to further increase your insight in the general structure of Mathematica.

Partly building upon the first course this course expands further on:
  • The structure of Mathematica expressions and ways to manipulate them,
  • functions defined using underscores and pure (or anonymous) functions
  • functions that have functions as arguments, such as Select, Gatherby
  • new in Mathematica 10: associations
  • pattern matching and the function Cases, sequences
  • how to define a function on a given domain only, with optional arguments, etc
  • options


Regular courses are held at our office in Amsterdam. Sometimes we provide the courses on site. The location is then mentioned in the agenda below.


21 September 2017, 10.00-17.00 Amsterdam
9 November 2017, 10.00-17.00 Amsterdam




Prof.dr. Fred Simons

Fred Simons was born in Amsterdam. He worked at the University of Amsterdam and the Eindhoven University of Technology where he promoted on Markov processes. He was also a member of the Dutch Education Committee for Mathematics and chairman of the Mathematics Working Group of SEFI, European Society for Engineering Eduction.

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