Maple T.A. & Möbius Bootcamp Vienna

We are excited to offer this popular two-day Bootcamp in Austria. It is the perfect opportunity for you to spend focused, undisturbed time developing content to automate your testing and bring your lessons online with a Möbius expert on-hand to advise and facilitate. It enables also testing all the new features of the latest release.

On April 25th and 26th between 9am and 5pm, you have the opportunity to:
  • Create content for your courses
  • Discover new tools and possibility of Möbius
  • Create your own grading code to generate marks fitting your requirements
  • Discover Möbius and evaluate its features
  • Exchange thoughts and ideas with other fellow colleagues
  • and more...
If you do not currently use Möbius, this is an opportunity to gain access and see what you have been missing!


23 May 2019, 9.00-17.00 (2 days) in Vienna




Stefanie Winkler

Stefanie is project leader at the Vienna University of Technology. We are using Möbius Assessment (Maple T.A.) since 2007 and I started working with this eLearning tool in 2009. My expertise includes development of examples, creating of assignments, designing examinations and defining course structures embedding this content perfectly.
“There is always a way to implement new ideas with offered resources.”

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