M205: Visualization in Mathematica

Course Objective

This course provides a foundation for using Mathematica's graphical and visualization features as well as working with the graphics programming language. Extensive use of concrete examples and applications to illustrate concepts is included.

Target Audience

The course is written for anyone who wants to take advantage of Mathematica's graphical and visualization tools.

Delivery Type

Courses are delivered as instructor-led classes in computer classroom facilities. Course topics are presented with alternating sessions of lectures and exercises. Additional online training information is available. All classes feature low student-teacher ratios.


  • Survey of Mathematica's extensive collection of plotting functions
    Plotting functions and expressions; visualizing data; working with Image data; visualization of networks
  • Getting the most out of options for visualization functions
    Options for color, regions of interest, mesh, vector plot, grid, plot range, text, charting, interactive values, and precedence of arguments
  • Utilizing graphics programming to enhance your visualizations
    The underlying structure of graphics; graphics primitives; graphics directives; GraphicsComplex
  • Techniques for combining plots
    Arrays of graphics; merging graphics; using Inset; Prolog and Epilog; Image operations
  • Advanced examples illustrating visualization concepts

Course Materials

Each attendee will be provided with Mathematica course notebooks and access to the current version of Mathematica. The course notebooks require Mathematica or Mathematica Player. Course materials are distributed in print and on CD-ROM, and are yours to keep; a computer running Mathematica is available for your use during class. A temporary Mathematica training license is provided upon request.


This course assumes a working knowledge of Mathematica syntax and the use of pure functions."



EURO 495


Dr. Rolf Mertig

Dr. Rolf Mertig is a long term (web)Mathematica programmer, trainer, consultant and a Wolfram Certified Traning Instructor.