Wolfram SystemModeler Workshop

A New Area of Integrated Design Optimization

We are extremely proud to present Wolfram SystemModeler to the Benelux with Jan Brugård, head of the Wolfram SystemModeler division. This event is hosted by the University of Eindhoven on 20 November.


14:00h.  registration with coffee/tea
14:15h.  welcome by Bart ter Haar Romeny
14:30h.  Wolfram SystemModeler — An Introduction by Jan Brugård
15:15h.  break with coffee/tea
15:30h.  Wolfram SystemModeler — HandsOn session by Jan Brugård
17:00h.  drinks

SystemModeler allows you to create complex simulations of actual systems, run them, adjust variables, and then check what impact your changes have made. It can be used to make models for a huge array of things, including airplanes, spacecraft, cars, ships, this ice breaking propulsion pod, industrial robots, joysticks, energy consumption, and health simulations.

SystemModeler uses versatile symbolic components and offers an all-in-one integrated workflow, all backed with the ultimate computation environment. That gets you the power to model reality at high fidelity—driving insight, innovation, and results.


20 November 2012, 14.00-17.00 (TUE)


FREE — Seats are limited.


Jan Brugård, Msc

Jan Brugård, Msc, is head of Wolfram SystemModeler division, Linköping Sweden. He is an experienced modeler with several years of experience of modeling complex engineering applications, primarily mechanical and electrical applications, and is one of the main driving forces behind the development of the Wolfram SystemModeler product.

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